Welcome To Acuity Tax & Legal

Acuity Tax & Legal is a consultancy practice based in London, England. We specialise in International Taxation, i.e. the provision of taxation and legal advisory services to ‘UK Connected’ individuals, companies and trusts.

We are friendly and approachable tax advisers who can offer you timely and high quality advice covering all areas of taxation.

Please feel free to contact us and book a consultation. The consultation can take place over the phone, via video-conference or at our offices based in London.

At Acuity Tax & Legal, we specialize in advising UK connected/international clients. We can be appointed directly by the tax payer, or we can work with other tax professionals, e.g. accountants or financial advisers to help a client.

Not all tax professionals are able to offer advice in this specialist area. It is also important to note that the ‘legal professional privilege’ only applies to advice given by lawyers, i.e. all communication between a lawyer and his/her client remains completely confidential. This is an added advantage of receiving tax advice from a tax lawyer as compared to other tax professionals.

Why do International Clients need specialist advice?

Non-resident and non-domiciled tax payers are allowed various tax reliefs and incentives under the UK tax law. However, specialist advice is needed in this area. There are two main reasons for this:

  • Residence and Domicile: The UK rules on ‘residence’ and ‘domicile’ are complex. An ‘international client’ needs to determine where s/he is resident and domiciled in order to be able to enjoy the tax reliefs and incentives that are available to non-domiciled and non-resident tax payers in the UK
  • Double Tax Treaties/International Tax Laws: Clients may also be able to claim a credit for any tax paid overseas. This is known as a credit for double taxation and requires an adviser to have a good understanding of ‘international tax laws’ and ‘double tax treaties’ signed between the UK and other countries. More than 1300 double tax treaties exist around the world, and the UK has over 100 treaties signed which is believed to be one of the largest tax treaty networks in the world.